Monday, September 28, 2009

Steven Alan's New Fall Toasties

I'm not so bummed about heading into winter after spying these beautiful cold weather pieces by Steven Alan.

Wool Camp Glove, $128.

I'd like to petition to officially name this silhouette "The Hitchcock." Channel the stylish Ms. Hedren in the Tippi Coat. It's not exactly a bargain at $495, but you could just wear it every day and make it your signature look.

Bring your slope style to the city with a Bunny Band. $78 each.

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  1. the gloves look amazing. where can i buy? it looks like woolrich

  2. They do have the Woolrich thing going on, but they're actually by Steven Alan. I just fixed the link (in the item description) so if you click on it, it should take you to Otte's website where you can buy them.