Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Swiss Travel Rec: Interlaken's Hotel Lotschberg

If you ever find yourself in Interlaken, you'd do well to check out Hotel Lötschberg, an adorable, family-run B&B nestled in the Swiss Alps, with the cutest little attic room and the loveliest staff. I had the pleasure of staying there a month ago and felt compelled to go beyond just a Trip Advisor review to show my love. I adored our room, with its sloping, wood beam ceiling and oddly-shaped windows. It felt like the warm, cozy treehouse of my dreams. It was very clean, extremely well managed, and the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. Bonus: Breakfast is included, and they have cold weather gear you can borrow if you came unprepared. 

$150 CHF/night for the attic room during peak season. Enter code "top" when booking to request the roof floor.

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