Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shopping Under the Influence of Nyquil

I'm under the weather at the moment and have been gravitating towards anything that seems to promise warmth and comfort. The oversized neck on this hoodie looks mighty cozy, and I've been staring at it with longing for the past several minutes. It's freezing in my 'partment because my building hasn't switched the heat on yet, so I reckon I'll be sniffling the night away. Realizing now that it probably didn't help matters that I had Goldfish and M&M's for dinner (can never figure out what to eat when I'm sick). I'm off to go forage for chicken soup.

It's a germy, highly contagious world out there. Best of luck to your immune system.

Orthodox Croll Pullover in Oatmeal/Cotton Sand. Sigh. Even the color sounds soothing. $132 @ 80's Purple.



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  1. I love white v-neck! Under a white v-neck I would wear a colored tank top underneath it. Just one color like pink, orange, blue, or purple. That will look great. Wear skinny jeans with them.

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  2. Ooh, good idea, and I'd bet that'd look great with Clae sneakers.

  3. Ohh! It just eye catching post. Everything is gorgeous i love those outfits.