Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Linkage: Macaroons, Chandeliers, and Chairs

In which we take a break to gaze at pretty pictures and read about things that caught my fancy this week.

Way late on this today, but it's been a busy weekend! Enjoy.

Love this beautiful image from Raychel (don't know her last name), who does these amazing, intimate self-portraits. For more, visit her blog, Mayhem is Beautiful, or her Flickr photostream.

I knew it was time to start planning my next Parisian adventure when I saw this flavor chart for Ladurée's yummy macaroons over at Happy Lady Eats.  I kind of want to frame it and hang it in my house. Also want to keep the beautiful boxes (after devouring their delicious contents, of course).

I love chandeliers like this and aspire to own one (or even two) someday. It looks beautiful when seen from above as well, and I like the way it distributes light -- the effect is more candlelight than bulb. I found this Anna Wolf image on Dwellings and Decor. (via Apartment Therapy).

While the retractable, garage-door-style facade of this Bill Peterson-designed East Village townhouse is cool and all, what I'm really drooling over are those vintage bentwood Thonet chairs in the living room. The unique space was featured in New York Magazine's Home Design issue. If you didn't get a copy, Apartment Therapy has pics.

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