Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Linkage: Rebecca Thuss Amazes, Isabel Marant and Jerome Dreyfuss Move In, Your Parents Rock, and More

In which we take a shopping break to gaze at pretty pictures and read about things that caught my fancy this week. 

I discovered Haute Design, the beautiful blog of Sarah Klassen, via a comment she made on my sweater hoodie post.  Go feast your eyes on the imagery.


According to Racked, Isabel Marant is to set up shop a stone's throw away from me, and hubby Jerome Dreyfuss shall follow suit next door. I'll certainly be clutching my wallet a little tighter when walking about in the vicinity. The February opening comes a month before I move out of the nabe, and I can't decide if I'm upset about it or happy for my finances, which will be considerably safer. Here's a shot from Marant's Fall 2009 collection from Also, be sure to head over to the Jerome Dreyfuss website, where you will hear the voices of French children shouting out the style names as you scroll over each bag.

I am confounded by the genius of art director/crafter/party planner extraordinaire Rebecca Thuss, who I found via Daily Candy.  I spent damn near an hour paging through her site, marveling at her creative prowess and wondering how the eff she does it. If you ever find yourself having to get married and haven't the foggiest about how to make a wedding, don't ask me. My sole contribution will be to point you to this one-woman show. You're welcome in advance.


Somewhere the Sun is Rising is a brilliant blog that chronicles the expat exploits of my friend Sylvia. I never tire of Syl's razor-sharp witticisms and insightful observations about her experiences in Asia. One of my favorite features on the blog revolves around poorly translated signage. Last week, upon arriving at the Humble Ambassador's Garden in Suzhou, she was greeted by this amusing sign:

It's really easy to forget that our parents were, more than likely, cool at some point in their young adult lives before we came along and cramped their style with our 4am feedings and soccer practice and whatnot. YellowGoat clued me in to My Parents Were Awesome, a great little photo blog that pays homage to people's parents back when they were rad. You can send in snaps of mom and pops from their more fashionable heyday.  Here is a hot momma named Judith:

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