Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Underwear Obsession: Jenna Leigh's Malawi Collection

I'm a girl who loves fine underthings, always gravitating towards undies trimmed in eyelash lace, relishing design details such as a unique bra closure, and favoring thigh highs to tights, even in the most punishing weather.  I find that with all the covering up that goes on in winter, my desire for the racy and lacy increases tenfold, and I'm suddenly stricken with the impulse to don slips, fussy brassieres, and even the occasional garter belt under all those layers. 

In Europe, it is quite easy to find beautiful lingerie of this nature at even the lowest of price points and I've always wondered why it is that we can't import that concept over to the U.S. of A. Then I discovered Philly-based label Jenna Leigh.  Lingerie designer Jenna Blatstein creates the loveliest underthings that not only function as wearable objets d'art, but also provide a girl with adequate support. Best of all, her stuff is priced to move, at just a touch less than a Cosabella or Elle Macpherson would cost you, making it a sweet indulgence without the guilty conscience.

Jenna's been getting some love from the press lately (see both October and November issues of Elle), and if you have yet to see her Malawi collection, then I shall tease you no further:

Stretch Silk Satin Malawi Demi Bra in Midnight Blue, $85.

Stretch Silk Satin Malawi Triangle Bra, $74. A perfect at-home option for when you don't require an underwire.

Love the vintage/modern look of the undies. $69.

An honorable mention goes to the Namos collection for its lovely deep plum hue as well as the retro white strapless bra from the Capri collection.

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  1. Lovely! I think I like the triangle better.

  2. I love both bra's and undies! I love the colors! I love the band under the bra, but I don't wear underwire. haha

  3. You know, I was initially leaning towards the underwire but the triangle is really growing on me. If any of you are local, the designer is having a trunk show at Journelle tomorrow (11/3) from 7-9 PM. It's at 3 East 17th St. Email