Monday, November 16, 2009

In Which I Make a Mountain Out of A Molehill

I had a mole removed today. Though it was a rather quick and remarkably painless affair, I did suffer from separation anxiety prior to the excision because, well, you see, the mole and I go way back. It had been on my left leg since childhood, so we were old friends, and I really couldn't picture  myself without it. Alas, the day came when my doctor deemed its borders slightly suspicious and sent me off to the derm, whose decree was that it must go.  I didn't dare look while she divorced us, but watched as the little guy was carted off in a sealed container and sent off to the lab for biopsy. Fare thee well, friend. I shall now pay tribute by honoring some of the world's most iconic moles.

Norma Jean's made me understand the term, "beauty mark." The Monroe:

In this case, it adds a touch of drama to a face. The Liz:

Before she was airbrushed, Madonna was gritty and showed us that moles look great with untamed brows and a crimson lip. The Madge:

And hers put her on the map. The Cindy:
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  1. i have one like madonna, im going to get it removed i think though.. :P