Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kitchen Obsession: L'Econome Knives

Living within a stone's throw of the Broadway Panhandler is a dangerous thing. Though I'm not particularly skilled at kitchen arts, I've got a thing for the gadgetry, and BP, purveyor of all things kitchen-related, lures me in to peruse its wares at least once a  month.  Nevermind that I've no use for half of the items currently cluttering my cupboards -- I just seem to like amassing collections of Things I Might Need Someday. My most recent cute-but-wholly-unnecessary acquisition: an assortment of adorable L'econome knives. Crafted in Thiers, France, they've been around for almost 200 years. I love the colorful wooden handle. After a few washings, it's started to fade just a bit, which only makes them lovelier.

I bought two different paring knives, a spreader, and a peeler. They run about $8 a pop, but unfortunately, aren't available through BP's online store and I was only able to find the red paring knife on Sur La Table's website. If you're not local, you can try your luck at Sur La Table or Williams-Sonoma brick-and-mortars, or put yourself on the waitlist at World Knives.

Serve it Forth has a review and a close-up of the cute little label:

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  1. Is the plate yours? I love it.

  2. yes! it's an assortment of four, and they came in an adorable round box that serves as a decorative piece on it's own. i got them years ago in sf at world market. they sell a similar set at the broadway panhandler, but it's not as cute. i'm praying i don't break one!

  3. i LOVE l'econome too!! so cute and colorful...