Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter Obsession: 3.1 Phillip Lim Driving Gloves

I've no business even thinking about buying these lace-and-leather lovelies, as I couldn't hang on to a pair if you stapled them to my hands. Gloves seem to have a remarkable propensity for sneaking away from my person and disappearing into black holes. I've come to the conclusion that one glove cannot get along with another, and thus, will try to abandon his companion at first opportunity, leaving me to shake an unprotected fist at the ill-tempered runaway as he makes off in the backseat of a taxi, gets crushed underfoot in the rush hour subway stampede, or mysteriously vanishes into nothingness.

In a perfect world, gloves would get along and my hands would stay warm, looking stylish with a Vena Cava dress, fur stole, and vintage sunnies while I pushed a Lincoln 'round the neighborhood.

3.1 Phillip Lim Rosie Driving Glove, $325 @ Barneys.

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  1. TOO FUNNY!!!! I also lose gloves and sunglasses ha ha ha. However I do love these!

  2. i know! were it not for the fact that i'm certain to lose them within five minutes of purchase, i might be willing to pony up the money to buy them. can't stop looking at them and pouting.

  3. Perfectly chic, yet subtle with the ivory. It completely grounds the lace.

  4. i really think they might be the prettiest leather gloves i've ever seen, and i can only imagine they feel like heaven. i really want to try them on in store, but i'm afraid it would only end in tears . . . or theft. and then tears in jail.

  5. Leather Globes I really liked very much..

    Thanks for sharing..