Monday, December 14, 2009

Desktop Decor: Color Edition

If only I had a desk, I might brighten it with some of these colorful accoutrements.

Wish I'd gotten my hands on the Mackinaw Autumn Field Notes collection. Apparently they sold out within 24 hours of release!

A mini desk clock to mind the time. Bonox Clock in red, $18 @ Urban Outfitters. Also available in green.

I love the look of these natural wood pencils tipped with vibrant color. Muji Colored Pencil Set, $17 @ the MoMA Store. They also come in an adorable mini size.

Anything Design Scissors, $39 @ Emmo Home. So vibrant -- how could I ever lose them?

And now for the pièce de résistance: An Olivetti Valentine Typewriter. At a whopping $595, I can only dream, but I'm happy with just the photo. Perhaps I can convince Poetic Home to take a pretty Polaroid of it and send it to me to hang above my imaginary desk?

I ran the photo through Poladroid and this is what I got:

Photo credit: