Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grey Lady: Dresses for Under $75

I wear an inordinate amount of grey year round, but winter really gets me hankering after hues of silver, slate, and charcoal, and a thousand shades in between. I especially like when it's paired with a lone spot of bright color as counterpoint, like bright red lips, an electric nail polish, or a tiny, colorful barrette. I'd love to try juxtaposin' with any of these three dresses:

Obey Mon Dieu Dress, $56 @ 80's Purple.

Hit the Spot Dress, $47.99 @ ModCloth.

Kilimanjaro sweater, $49.99 @ ModCloth. I'd love to wear this as a mini dress with black tights.

I'm a thigh high kinda gal so I couldn't resist throwing these in. Plus, they're dirt cheap. Winter Prep Thigh Highs, $13.99 @ ModCloth.

Photo credit: 
1) www.80spurple.com
2-4) www.modcloth.com


  1. The purple dress is really beautiful. Don't know what's the material?