Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Feet

What are Happy Socks and why are they suddenly, mysteriously, everywhere? I first noticed them during a recent stop-by at Unis, and they've been stalking me ever since, showing up in the menswear department of every webshop I frequent (Steven Alan, Need Supply, and Gargyle, to name but a few).

My curiosity forced me to Google their provenance, which revealed that they are of Swedish origin. The color options are endless, and though I tend to see them in menswear shops, they're actually unisex. With their playful patterns and cheery hues, they do look rather inviting and, well, happy.

Happy Socks - Cobalt, $12 @ Steven Alan.

Happy Socks - Blue Stripey, $12 @ Steven Alan.

Happy Socks - Multicolor Stripe, $10 @ Need Supply.

Happy Socks - Green and Cream Stripe, $10 @ Tobi.

1, 2) www.stevenalan.com
3) www.needsupply.com
4) www.tobi.com

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