Friday, February 12, 2010

Fantasy Friday: Cynthia Steffe Fall 2010

In which we shop with imaginary money and indulge our fanciest fancies.

I'm devoting this edition of Fantasy Friday to Cynthia Steffe's entire Fall 2010 collection -- I want every last stitch of it. The looks sent down the runway brought to mind a modern-day version of Jenny, Carey Mulligan's character in An Education -- a precocious teen who falls in with a crowd that's too fashionable for her own good. The clever combination of knee socks and thigh-high schoolgirl-esque stockings paired with sophisticated swing coats hint at the ultrachic (albeit possibly tragic) future that awaits our adolescent heroine. And from the look of this collection, who could blame her for running straight into the arms of danger?









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