Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kitchen Obsession: atelierBB's Wobbly Plates

I'll be moving at month's end and my new roomie already has a cupboard full of dishes, to which I'll have to add my own. Plates are the last thing I need in my life (or cupboards) right now, so of course, I had to stumble across atelierBB's gorgeous collection of handcrafted tabletop accoutrements. The signature Wobbly Plate, so named for its uneven surface, is available in an eye-pleasing panoply of rich colors and beautiful textures. Thank God they're priced out of my range, so I can avoid having to show up on my new doorstep with a crateful, bearing a look of shame.

Chapati Dinner Plates, set of four, $94 on Etsy. You can choose your own hues.

PiriPiri Magic Duo, set of two Chapati Dinner Plates, $48 @ Etsy.

Azul Platter Mantou XL Bowl, $50 @ Etsy.

Light Orange Damper Coupe Charger, $54 @ Etsy.

Yellow Turnip Delight Bowls, set of six, $127.50 @ Etsy.

To view more of Brooklyn-based sculptor Brigitte Bouquet's incredible work (including her jewelry designs), check out her website

Photos: atelierBB

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