Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jewelry Obsession: Affordable Treasures from Foe & Dear

I discovered Foe and Dear quite by accident. The fledgling jewelry label called my attention to an amazing herkimer diamond ring from Japanese designer Like Atmosphere, via a post it submitted to NotCot. I wanted to know more, but the site the post pointed me to was entirely in Japanese, so I Googled, intending to contact someone at Foe and Dear to inquire about it. While doing so, I got distracted by their own products and was soon rapt with delight as I clicked through image after image of extremely covetable jewelry. My delight doubled upon discovering that the prices were surprisingly reasonable, on top of which there's a Mother's Day promotion in effect until May 15th which gets you an additional 20% off (enter code ILOVEMOM at checkout).  Some favorites:

Black Rocks necklace, $40.

Barrage necklace, featuring a vintage WW2 hot air balloon charm, $40.

Industry bracelet, $50.

Dress Up bracelet, $50.

The site appears to be a work in progress, but even that's excusable, given that the "coming soon" placeholders are so darn pretty: