Monday, May 10, 2010

Juliette Hogan is Your New Favorite Designer

It's winter in New Zealand, and what I wouldn't give to be there right now, trying on Kiwi designer Juliette Hogan's brilliant Fall/Winter 2010 collection. There isn't a single piece I don't covet with every bone in my body. Each sigh-eliciting look has me dreaming of slipping on some velvety tights in deepest sapphire, shimmying into a swirling op-art print secretary dress tied with an oversized bow, and draping a voluminous, batwing cape coat over my shoulders while a record player scratches out my favorite old LPs in the background. The collection, aptly titled "So Pretty It Hurts," is chock full of tiny pleats on gossamer-thin chiffon, mixed with chic, structured tweeds. While there are certainly hints of influence from her stint at Rebecca Taylor, the real magic is in the beautiful tailoring, which is all Juliette's own. It's probably best for my wallet that she not open up shop stateside, but I wish with all my heart that she would.
Many thanks to Buzz Beast for the tip!



  1. LOVE these looks! Any idea what those shoes are?

  2. Every season her looks seem to get better and better! Now, how do we in the US get our hands on these pieces???

    -Sara //

  3. sara, you've inspired me to write to her and find out!