Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kelly Bergin's Laid Back Chic

Kelly Bergin is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers, The LA-based talent's gorgeous Spring/Summer collecton is full of light, breezy looks infused with just the right amount of sex appeal. It seems to meld the casual, laid-back style of a California girl with the effortlessly chic Parisienne. Paging through her lookbook, one would think such cleverness would cost a small fortune, but the price point is refreshingly affordable for a consumer still going through recession recovery (i.e. me).

I posted a couple of her looks yesterday, but I've decided you need to see more. It's hard to pick favorites from the current season, as I'm in love with most every piece, but here's a sampling. You can check out the lookbook in its entirety on her website.



  1. Moi aussi! I love the second outfit, and I think I need to have the dress in the second to last pic.