Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Footwear Obsession: United Nude’s Lo Res Pump

Like many a fellow shoe fiend, I’ve long been smitten with United Nude, purveyor of quirky, futuristic footwear. Their offerings produce the opposite of nostalgia – a yearning for a future I have not yet seen. While racing past their Bond Street outpost last weekend, I spied these beauties perched in the window display and did a sharp double take, nearly giving myself whiplash in the process. I was in a hurry and should’ve known better, but my feet involuntarily carried me into the store and before I knew it, I found myself asking -  nay, begging - to see a pair. Though at first glance they appeared to be made of shiny, hard, unforgiving plastic, they were actually quite rubbery to the touch and melded perfectly with the contours of the foot.

While I paraded before the mirror, envisioning myself transported to a chic and distant future, the salesgirl (one very helpful and lovely Georgie) showed me another feature: the contrasting strap could be detached, instantly transforming the shoe from Mary Jane to pump. It was all so delightful and exciting that Georgie even threw on a pair herself and we were soon standing side by side, marveling at the mirror-like sheen of the multifaceted surface. The only thing holding me back from slapping my debit card on the register was the fact that there was a bit too much toe cleavage going on for my liking. I also wished the detachable strap was nude or grey, rather than brown. Still, I pondered. And pondered. And continue to ponder.

Although the $260 price tag isn’t completely out of reach, I have trouble committing to any purchase over $100 if I don’t love every last bit of it. Opinions?

United Nude Lo Res Pump, $260. Also available in brown, magenta, and green.



  1. I love your blog, I always get good ideas for me! I’m going to recommend you an excellent online store this brand is from Spain but they send to all around the world and often have beautiful clothing at a great price.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Monique! It reminds me a bit of ModCloth (