Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hash, Rehashed: Jonathan Adler's Take on the Cannabis Candle

Jonathan Adler's Hashish candle, the latest entrant in the cannabis-scented candle category, combines notes of moss, patchouli, black currant, wormwood, and green apple to evoke the non-mood-altering version of a smoking den ambiance. While I'm not too eager to throw down $68 just to fill my apartment with heady, marijuana-laden smoke and alarm the building management, I'd consider buying it just for the beautiful, vintage-inspired packaging alone. If anyone has a thing for mary-jane-infused environs and wants to go halfsies, I'll gladly take the box off your hands.



  1. Hey,
    did you ever get your box? i absolutely love this candle, and honestly wish they made it in just the refill as i already have one mary-jane jar. If you still wanna go halfsies, send me a message a we will do it!

  2. hey! no, i did not and yes, i will totally go halfsies with you!