Thursday, August 26, 2010

Menswear Obsession: Wings + Horns Fall Winter 2010

My theory about a summer of bad menswear yielding an autumn teeming with good taste seems to have been proven true, if the Wings + Horns Fall/Winter '10 collection is any indication of what's to come. Among its offerings, I've found more than a few covetables to stalk. I've got my eye on the coats and jackets in particular, which are rich in texture and feature interesting design details without drowning in excessive doodads. You can check out the lookbook at the W+H site, but Blame it on the Bogi also has some great product shots:

 Beautiful, beautiful shirts, but alas, they bear the cursed button-down collar. WHY???

This lattermost is the blue I so badly want bf to wear. It would look so great on him, but I think he might have an aversion to it due to the fact that it resembles the hue of hospital scrubs.



  1. I would definitely get that third jacket for my man!

    what about menswear for women? like so:

  2. very cute! that's a great idea for a post . . .