Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Gift Finds for Him: Pendleton's Tartan Robe

Most guys I know don't own a bathrobe and are therefore (lamentably!) oblivious to it's warm, cozy charms. It makes me sad that they're missing out, and nostalgic for the days when a robe was a mainstay in a proper gentleman's wardrobe, allowing him to shuffle about the house on a lazy Sunday morning or step outside to fetch the paper without appearing entirely unkempt or slovenly.

That sense of sartorial decorum may be all but lost on the modern dude, but I have a feeling this Pendleton topper might make him reconsider his stance on robes. The tartan print lends it a rugged feel while the slim fit hearkens back to the crisp, gentlemanly silhouettes of yore.

Pendleton Lounge Robe, $198 @ Blackbird.

Photo: www.blackbirdballard.com

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