Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Gift Finds: Tools for the Baker in Your Life

It's no secret among friends and family that I'm an utterly terrible cook. I haven't the talent for it and quite frankly, don't have the patience or interest either. Curiously, however, I'm an avid baker. To satisfy my insatiable sweet tooth, I will happily throw myself into my kitchen to putter about and emerge an hour or so later, covered in cake batter, with a decadent cookie, cupcake, or brownie in hand and sugar-drunk smile on my face. Here are a few lovely things I wouldn't mind having around the kitchen:

Pretty blue ergonomically shaped potholders to get a good grip on hot pans. $9.96 each.

An icing knife to get a perfectly smooth finish on a cake.  $9.96 for the smaller one and $12.95 for the big guy.

And of course, a pretty spoonula (spoon + spatula) that's as good for licking as it is for scraping. $13.95 each.

Baker's twine is perfect for gifting homemade goodies. Divine Twine comes in an assortment of colors. $2.25 for a 5-yard spool.


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