Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dream Design Book: Handcrafted Modern

It's been over a month since I last posted anything here and I didn't realize how negligent I'd become until a couple of people asked me if the blog was still active (!), so if I have any readers left, I owe you a biiiig apology.  I'm alive and well, but the past month has kept me busy with international travels (my trip to Saudi Arabia would require a whole post to summarize. . . or five), getting miserably sick upon my return, and, oh . . . turning 30.

I'm back and excited to bring you all some fun finds. First up is Handcrafted Modern, a design book I've been coveting. Written by SF-based photographer Leslie Williamson, it's chock full of all kinds of earthy-modern goodness and takes you on a dream journey through midcentury modern design masters' own abodes (Nakashima, Wright, the Eameses, Gropius, to name but a few). I've been hankering after honey-hued woodwork and organic shapes ever since I laid eyes on it.

The cover offers a peek at the gorgeous staircase in the home of woodworkers Wharton Esherick.

Kagan's living room furnishings included his own iconic chair.

The bathroom in J.B. Blunk's cabin-like hideaway, featuring a sink carved out of redwood.
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