Monday, February 6, 2012

Out, Damned Spots: In Which We Rescue a Pair of Isabel Marant Booties

Tragedy struck last week when I discovered that my jeans had bled indigo dye onto my golden suede Isabel Marant Dicker boots. Granted, the offending stain is only along the top edge where my jeans tuck in, but those who know me and my maniacal shoe obsession know that this would drive me mad. I take pains to keep them safe from harm (and in NYC, disaster lurks on every sidewalk - salt! gum! feces!) and should have been pissed.

However, being that I've been so tired lately, I lacked the energy to muster the appropriate level of shock and despair. Instead, I was mildly heartbroken and told myself, rather calmly, that there had to be a solution.  I vaguely recall buying a buffing block/brush set in Argentina for another pair of shoes that suffered a similar fate, and after a bit of rummaging in the back of my closet, managed to unearth it. It works like a magic eraser when used, gently and carefully, to sand away stains on light-colored suede (Argentines know their hides, so trust). And you don't have to trek to sub-equatorial regions to buy one -- you can order one online for under $10. Here's a quick guide that explains how to do it:


I skipped the last step and my beloved booties were as good as new. Try to do it as soon as you discover the stain -- the more it settles, the harder it is to get out. And remember to always spray new suede shoes with a water repellent stain guard before wearing.

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