Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Addicted: Brook Farm General Store

I officially have a problem. I've developed a predilection for late night internet shopping (11PM on a weeknight counts as "late" post 30). It begins every night after bf goes to sleep. My body knows it's going to be in for a world of hurt in the morning if I don't get myself to bed right this instant, and yet somehow I cannot resist the housewares (vintage milk bottles! ceramics! neon spatulas! reclaimed wood everything!), that call my name. I have turned into my PARENTS. That this compulsion is written into my DNA makes it that much harder to overcome, and I fear that, like them, I will one day find myself sitting in a home bursting at the beams with mismatched odds and ends while I plot yet another room makeover.

Brook Farm General Store is not making the situation any better.  Someone please tell me I don't need this enamel pasta pot . . .

this set of triangular colored pencils in beechwood storage box . . .

that butter melter . . .

or these iron nail hooks.

Images: www.brookfarmgeneralstore.com

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