Friday, April 20, 2012

Birthday Reflections

A couple of weeks ago, I crossed over to the other side of 30. Trying to ignore it only lasted but a few hours, as a surprise bouquet of tulips made its way to the office. Cover blown, I surrendered to it and thoroughly enjoyed the day, with pie from the coworkers, a cozy dinner with bf, and, as a cherry on top, a phone call from the family birthday chorus (warbly grandma and all) before turning in for the night.

I've pulled some inspiring imagery for my 31st year from my Pinterest. Among the many things I still need to do in this life, both feasible and fantasy:

Walk down this street:

Cherry blossoms in bloom in Bonn, Germany. Photo by Marcel Bednarz. 

Take a day off to do nothing but laze about. Porch optional, but preferable:
Photo from Planet Blue lookbook, via Spell

Wander through this magical rooftop garden:
Source unknown

Explore otherworldly lands:
Marble caves in Chile Chico, Chile via sun-surfer

Visit towns like this:
Phugtal Gompa, India via tea-light.tumblr

Hole up in a yurt bedroom like this:

Come home to these doors . . .
source unknown

figure out how to make these floors:

Secretly don fancy birthday pants on all subsequent birthdays:

And, perhaps, most of all, to simultaneously live in New York and SF.


  1. Those images are breathtaking! I too am on the other side of 30.. sigh.