Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Brief Lesson in Primary Colors

This silky, pleated tunic from Madison Marcus drapes beautifully. Its saturated hue is just gorgeous on and flatters a variety of skin tones, from deeply tanned to translucently pale. $196 @ Luv Charlie.

Another treat from Madison Marcus. I love this little marigold number for utilizing some of my favorite elements: a bold solid color, cap sleeves (they flatter everyone), pleating at the bust (to add, um, volume), and extraneous buttons where they don't belong. In short, it's a wispy little dress meant for a slip of a girl, with an impact that calls one's notice from afar (in a good way). $238 @ Luv Charlie.

I tend to shy away from certain shades of red, and beige almost always washes me out. Yet somehow, the combination of two unbecoming colors yields a balance that flatters. Top by Development, $269 @ Luv Charlie.
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  1. I heart that last top. I heart everything. Good job.