Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The End is Near

Though we're still in the thick of summer, fall merchandise has been trickling into stores this month. The faint rumblings of autumn can be felt, as evidenced by the sudden appearance of light, pre-fall jackets, more substantial knits, and the first autumnal color palettes. This bittersweet reminder that my days of summertime bliss are numbered makes me miss the season before it's even through, and has me unconsciously bracing against cold that hasn't yet arrived. Though I'm loathe to admit it's coming to an end, stubbornly persisting in a state of denial, the early darkening of days really is just around the corner. Before we know it, leaves will fall, crunching beneath our feet as we walk briskly along sidewalks, hands jammed in pockets to warm the fingers, breath made visible in the cool, crisp air.

Though I'm not ready to embrace fall, I've found a few pieces to make the transition a little easier to swallow.

I'll look forward to the cozy comfort of garments like this. Perfect to throw on post-gym or for a late night grocery run. Dream Society long hoodie, $108 @ Luv Charlie.

I'll like not having to worry about what to wear to keep out the chill, as this versatile, open front cardigan can be tossed over anything, and dressed up with a dress or way down with jeans or leggings, flats or boots. Saint Grace Vivienne cardigan, $106 @ Luv Charlie.

I can rediscover black, and wear more structured pieces, like this asymmetrical Helmut Lang blazer. On sale for $252.50 @ Shopbop.

I love fall's textures and rich, deep colors. These suede, jewel-tone flats fit the bill and the gold plate detail at the toe funs them up a bit. Tashkent, $369 @ Otte. Pre-order for August 1.
I've always wanted to do fingerless gloves, and this year I shall. I've found the perfect pair, with a gold hardware accent. Cashmere gloves, $151 @ Otte.

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  1. Anything Tashkent makes = awesome. Hope the midterm went well.