Monday, July 30, 2007

The Right Stripes

Though I love horizontal stripes, they can be tricky to pull off, as they tend to magnify figure flaws. Those who are broad in the shoulder, wide in the hips, or of amply proportioned bosom have an especially hard time with them. I'd advise you to inspect yourself carefully in a three-way mirror before stepping out, but I've identified two figure-friendly styles that might work for you.

Example 1: Navy on white ground. This one works for a number of reasons. It's sort of a cross between a scoop and boat neck, so it doesn't broaden the shoulders so much. It's also a navy stripe, which is a bit softer than the stark contrast of black and white. The stripes are not too thick, and they're also not uniform (as in, the navy stripe is thinner than the white), which creates a pleasing effect. Guy Baxter navy stripe tee, $118 @ Luv Charlie.

Example two: White on dark ground. This is a great way to do stripes without it looking like you've added girth. A thin, widely spaced stripe really helps. Available in black or kelp. $35 @ Luv Charlie.

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