Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer Stock

Since I did a sale post for the ladies yesterday, it's only fair to give the menfolk their due. Standard Style is cleaning out its summer inventory to make room for fall shipments. Pickings are slim, but I did manage to find some J. Lindeberg tees, a hole-ridden prep schoolish sweater, and a nice, basic sweater hoodie.

*I am aware that most of my menswear posts feature some sort of hoodie. I have no explanation to offer other than the fact that I'm always cold, so I'm drawn to their cuddliness in a moth-to-flame kind of way . . . and it is possible that I encourage their purchase in hopes that I can borrow.

J. Lindeberg tees, $42 each.

Morphine Generation lightweight distressed raglan sweater, $177.10. Also available in grey.

This NSF sweater hoodie feels supersoft and makes a great layering piece. $141.40. Also available in light grey.

Back detail.

P.S. - some Ever hoodies are also on sale, including the plum.

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