Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tie Game

Necklaces have been getting a lot of bloggage here lately, so I figured that boys' necks were also in need of some attention. My report from the field:

Steven Alan is a great place to find a tie. The styles are skinny but not too skinny, a la obnoxious hipster boy who bumped into me and almost knocked me over last night, sending my carryout crashing to the sidewalk (Move your damn hair out of your eyes. I can't have your lame, mumbled apology for dinner). They also have great colors and patterns to choose from. If you can't make it to a store (see locations at bottom), their website has a limited selection available.

Steven Alan silk skinny ties, $64 each. My apologies for the rough screen shots. Go to the site page to see detail and other colors/patterns using the drop down menu. They also have some in cotton shirting, but most are sold out.

Style TJ06

Style TJ05

Style HH15

Steven Alan store: Tribeca - 103 Franklin Street
Steven Alan Annex: Nolita - 229 Elizabeth Street; West Village - 69 Eighth Ave.
Steven Alan Outlet: UWS - 465 Amsterdam

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