Friday, July 13, 2007

Splurge: Leather Trench

I generally try to post items below the designer ready-to-wear price point, but once in a while, I see something positively drool-worthy that happens to come with a shock-inducing price tag. For this reason, I've created the "Splurge" category. For those who can afford, these pieces are something to be treasured and perhaps passed down to future progeny (lucky unborn children! How I envy thee!), while the rest of us can only sigh and crush from afar.

Miu Miu cream leather trench, $3,710 @ Net-a-porter. As impractical as it is beautiful. If only I didn't have to pay rent for the next two months . . .


  1. I want it!!! like, bad!:) wanna exchange links?

  2. I know! Recently read an article about how Miu Miu's pricepoint has been increasing. Nice site, by the way.