Monday, July 16, 2007

(Trying to) Buck the Trend

I am oh so weary of seeing taxidermied animal heads everywhere I turn. In recent years, kitschy-subversive hunting-lodge chic seems to have surfaced in bars and boutiques the world over as de rigeur decor. Are designers just out of ideas? The trend has seen countless interpretations (clear lucite versions, or with antlers dripping in pearls -- I wot thee all too well) and seemed crazy-sexy-cool the first three dozen times, but the look is just so tired that if equipped with a rifle, I might be tempted to shoot one, nevermind its being already dead. Why, then, am I so enamored of this Digby & Iona ring?

Mounted buck ring from the Hunter & the Hunted Collection. Available in gunmetal, silver, or gold vermeil. $120 at Catbird online or in-store (390 Metropolitan Ave and 219 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn).

Necklace version also available.

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