Monday, July 16, 2007

The Slimdown

A number of my guy friends recoil in horror at the suggestion of skinny jeans, but there are a few who are unafraid and manage to rock them to great effect. After more than a decade, the saggy and baggy that dominated mens denim offerings has given way to another option. The newest look in guys jeans is refreshingly modern rather than retro-90's Eurotrash. Since the look only flatters a certain physique, you'd do well to stay away if you are heavy of frame or stocky of leg. The silhouette should read "skinny," but never "tight." I was once walking behind a gangly, shaggy-haired lad who gave me pause when, envying his lithe dancer's legs, I mistook him for a girl. Not matter how fit he is, a boy should never wear jeans that are tight enough to be leggings.

My friend Saurin , in search of the most perfect of skinnies, voiced concern recently that a pair of Cheap Mondays he'd bought might just be too tight. I decided to look into the matter and find a pair that managed to be more modern cool than fashion victim. Here's a look from recently launched Cassette, an LA-based label that espouses a philosophy of eschewing the "over designed and over processed" look so prevalent in fashion today.

Slim Caddy 1909 Raw Vintage, $235. The fact that they're low-rise and scrunchy is a nice counterpoint to the tapered leg, making them perfect for reluctant guys attempting the look for the first time. Sold out online, but click here for a list of stockists.

P.S. Their girls' stuff is hot, too.

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