Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Robe as Therapy

After a long day's work, aching limbs and weary muscles deserve some TLC. I recently chose to treat myself to a massage in hopes of releasing some tension, but was sorely disappointed to discover that it consisted of little more than a series of swift karate chops delivered to my upper back and shoulders. Leaving even more of a broken mess than when I arrived, I made a mental note never to stroll into a random nail salon on a whim, looking for a quick fix and expecting a spa-like experience. The encounter with the Vietnamese Chuck Norris left me feeling that my battered body would've fared better by wrapping itself in a comfy robe, sipping tea while cozied up with a good book or film. Some options to consider:

Barefoot Dreams robes are the gold standard in comfort. I once bought one for someone as a gift and almost never gave it to him because once you touch one, it' so hard to let go of its fluffy softness. I had to have it delivered directly to him, lest I be tempted to keep it for myself. Though this one here is the lite version, it's still plush and perfect for warmer months. $162 @ Nordstrom.

The robes at Anthropologie are gorgeous. The pics on the website don't do them justice -- you'll have to go see them in person. This silky style is my current favorite. $88 @ Anthropologie stores and online.

This light, cotton style is super pretty and there are a pair of pj's to match. $128 for the robe.

Photo credit: 1 - www.nordstrom.com. 2, 3 - www.anthropologie.com

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  1. As the receiver of the gift, I can honestly saw it is still as comfy as the first day I wore it. thanks again m!