Friday, August 17, 2007

School's Out

Yesterday was a strange day. Having just taken my last final Wednesday evening and with no place to be until 4 PM, I found myself with nothing to do for the first time in a long while. I fidgeted. I spent two hours at the gym. I took an extra long shower (no small feat, considering mine are record-setting as it is). I caught up on countless unanswered emails and returned phone calls. I reacquainted myself with things like Gchat and daytime television programming, discovering that since I last took stock of either, everyone in the world and their mom (literally) is instant messaging, and dating shows on BET are much more entertaining than their counterparts on other networks. I read the paper, start to finish. I learned of the existence of a DJ Fouzia (my mother's name), as a result of which I could not shake from my mind the image of my mom at a turntable. And I found another dress to love from Erotokritos. Ironically, it struck me as the perfect first-day-of-school dress.

Erotokritos Crochet finish dress, $561 @ Net-a-Porter.

See more from Erotokritos' great fall line here. I suggest you have your charge cards at the ready.

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