Friday, August 17, 2007

Nikolai Rose

Last weekend while wandering about semi-aimlessly in Williamsburg with friends, we popped into the Black & White Gallery on Driggs. Curated by Sasha Okshteyn (whose gold, Run-DMC inspired sneaker charm necklace I am still coveting), the current showcase features the work of under-the-radar (but not for long) artists and designers, one of whose installations we lingered over for quite some time. Nikolai Rose is an NYC based menswear label whose collection includes limited runs of silk neckties, necklaces, and cufflinks. The neckties feature unique, refreshing textile designs and a label on the underside which doubles as a pocket (they mention that it comes in handy for hiding a wedding ring), and the whimsical cufflinks feature beetles and bumblebees. They champion dapper dressing, advising you to "dress with good taste, even if you forget your manners."

Nikolai Rose installation.

Images from the Lookbook.

You can visit the gallery, shop online, or contact for more info.

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