Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Shady Business

I was recently visited upon by an ex who was in town from SF (not to worry -- we're still great friends), and while on the way to a catch-up dinner, he mentioned he was in serious need of some new eyewear. I was more than happy to help, as it's always fun to play dress up with him. Lucky for us, Selima/Mudhoney (25 Prince, Nolita) was on the way so we popped in for a bit. He was instinctively drawn to a pair of aviators with a red bar accent running along the top, and the inkling was dead on. Not a look most guys could pull off without looking like an utter d-bag, but then again, Ryan, a firefighter/filmmaker/model, has the bone structure, confidence, and quirky personality to carry the look. Throw anything on that kid, be it a fedora, cardigan, or fake mustache, and he'd work it.

Though the glasses looked fab and had my hearty approval, he chose to thank hipster boy behind the counter and swiftly exit the store before he could be tempted to throw down $300 for them (see why things didn't work out between us? Me: recklessly impulsive. Him: soberingly practical). If I were him, I would've agreed with me that it's okay to splurge once in a while (or every while), and that every guy should invest in one great pair of sunglasses, especially when said glasses suit both his taste and character so well. It really is worth it to hunt for your own perfect pair. Just don't keep asking me to hold them for you in my purse.

Look for something unique, such as a variation on a classic shape. Sophia Kokosalaki, one of my favorite designers, now has a line of eyewear, and many of the looks have unisex potential. Unfortunately, my top pick is sold out @ Oak. Best of luck trying to find it somewhere else. Variegated black, silver, and clear frame.

I recently saw a guy rocking a pair of aviators with really dark frames and lighter, smoky lenses, and the contrast was kind of interesting. Dark-rimmed, gradient lens aviators, $273 @ Oak.

If you are feeling particularly bold, you could try making a really fun pair your signature, everyday look, but if you do that, I recommend you not break the bank for them, as you'll be more likely to tire of them after a season. Affordable fun comes in smoky red lenses and wraparound shield-style frames from Spitfire, $42 @ Oak. The shield is usually more of a girl's style, but this one is guy-friendly. Best when paired with scruffy hair and five-day stubble.
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