Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Vintage-Inspired Bags

My stylist friend Elan turned me on to Edith Machinist shortly after I moved out to NYC. I can recall with perfect clarity the moment I stepped into the LES vintage boutique, where row upon row of beautiful boots and bags stared up at me, as if begging for a home (i.e. in my closet). Full of character and offbeat charm, these lovingly worn, broken-in leathers that had aged so perfectly seemed to be seeking a new life avec moi.

Though it's well worth a trip, you don't have to trek to NYC for the look. Here are some vintage-inspired bags by contemporary designers that would be hard to distinguish from the bevy of beauties at 104 Rivington St.

Angel Jackson clutch, $330 @ Stel's.

$350 @ Stels.

Anna Corinna's Langway bag features beautifully distressed leather and a chain strap. On sale, $295 @ Active Endeavors. By the time I posted this, the bag was gone. However, the black version is available @ Rok & Lola for $198.
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