Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New New-Wave

Pretty in Pink was on the telly the other night and watching it totally rekindled my love for Duckie's quirky, new-wave fashion sense. The lovelorn kid had a style all his own. Observing the outfits in the film, I was surprised to see how little fashion had changed since the John Hughes era, or perhaps it's just that shorter fashion cycles have brought us full circle, back to an 80's-centric aesthetic. I've definitely seen more than a few NYU students roaming around my neighborhood rocking styles to make the Duck Man proud.

Some modern accessories that reference that vibe without screaming imitator:

A modern day Duck Man needs a hat. I love it when a guy can work a fedora. Modern Amusement's Banff fedora, $78 @ Standard Style.

A real Duck Man has cool shades. If fedoras aren't your thing, you could try suns in a fun color, like Ksubi's Willy Sunglasses, $180 @ Standard Style.

Here's a memorable scene where he dances and lips syncs to the late, great Otis Redding's Try a Little Tenderness.

Bonus: Andie and Blane's instant messaging scene, set to Kraftwerk's "Computer Love." So 80's-tastic.

Now, as Duckie would say, "I'm off . . . like a dirty shirt."

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