Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Roll With It

I'm not a cold-weather person. Though I love the smell of piney Christmas tree commingling with gingerbread, buying a cup of hot chocolate or apple cider just to warm my hands, and having an excuse to stay indoors, cozied up with my favorite people, winter is just not my season. I'm more of a spring/summer. I prefer to spend the wintry months in hibernation, emerging only after the snow has melted and the air no longer harbors the biting chill that nips at me mercilessly. I may change my tune, however, as I've found the perfect cocoon in which to nest until the sun can warm me once again. With its oversized collar and metallic thread detail, it's both cozy and chic, just the way I like.

Jenny Han Wheat Big Roll Collar Snap Sweater, $187 @ Luv Charlie.

Photo credit: www.luvcharlie.com

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