Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Back to Black

Since I'm backed up on posts, (a work situation popped up yesterday and I didn't get home til after 1 AM, so I could do little more than plop into bed), you get a double dose today.

Winter usually means shifting to a darker palette when it comes to clothing, which can get a bit boring, day-in and day-out. Since I find myself veering towards the black and grey a lot, I sometimes try to steer myself in the other direction, picking a bright pop of color that's sure to add a spot of highlight to the sea of darks. However, these standout pieces in dusky hues are hard to resist.

Grey Ant Nepal Mini Dress
, $286 @ Tobi. I don't really see how it could work as a dress, but whatevs. I like the textured black/rose pattern, the easy fit, and the sleeve detail.

Milly Sleeveless Ruffle Dress
, $319 @ Tobi. Delicate lace over a mod silhouette.

Rory Beca Angelina V-Neck Tunic in Black Dot
, $264 @ Revolve.
The black dot detail is actually really lovely.

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