Monday, October 29, 2007


No blogging today, as work and school conspire against it. I'll be back tomorrow, so fret not. In the meantime, check out some of these links.

Cutting-edge fash'ON: Très Bien Shop.

Blogging about architecture: The Contemporist finds cool buildings, furnitures, and gadgetry.

Because it's too cold to go to Sephora: The website of celebrated apothecary Zitomer allows you to self-medicate with all the fancy lotions, balms, and yummy fragrances you need to soothe you through the long, harsh winter that, as of last night, has descended upon us. Stockpile to your heart's content . . . or at least until you've sloughed off all those dead skin cells. P.S. They also have boy stuff, so the menfolk can shop for their grooming products without anyone having to know.

Virtual playground for the aesthete: My doctor friend Neil recently introduced me to, a group of sites that allows users to post all things beautiful. Notcouture features fashion, Tastespotting offers a feast of artfully presented food (and links to the recipes!), and an online art gallery.

I'll be updating my links section soon, so be on the lookout. And feel free to submit links to sites you can't live without.

A domani.

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