Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Creme de la Jean Pool

Today is a good day for the boys. On the Shoptometrist's Men's Edition, I'll be covering two key wardrobe basics and featuring some of the best fall styles for each. The categories are denim and button-down shirts, the bread and butter of most young men's wardrobes (not barring tees and sneaks, of course). Styles don't vary much from season to season, but you do need to introduce a new one or two each season to update your wardrobe, infuse it with a little style, and keep you looking dapper. On to the first . . .

Denim for guys is skinny now. Just face it, and get yourself a pair that you can live with. Try not to go any skinnier than these, however, because I don't advocate suffocating "the boys." I'll not be responsible for any harm done to your reproductive abilities. Here are my choices for fall, and not a one is over $145.

APC's New Cure jeans @ Context, $140.

These are a great compromise between a slim and easy fit. Crate Denim Jackson jean, $143 @ Context.

Be mindful of fair trade with Good Society denim. The Slim is $90 @ Context.

Photo credit: www.contextclothing.com

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