Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fashion Finds at the Gap

Let's just continue with this unisex motif.

This past Sunday I had brunch at Jane with my friend Matt and a couple of his buddies, one of whom was raving about a cardi he'd just bought from the women's department at the Gap. Somewhat skeptical, I smiled politely, picturing a monstrosity of the ill-fitting, pastel-hued, cotton-rayon blend variety one is apt to find among the women's offerings at the Gap. When he put it on, however, it was nothing like what I'd feared. The chunky knit, charcoal sweater was long and lean, and the look conjured what I imagine might happen if a Dior Homme-influenced hipster and a Eurotrash boy with Bauhaus leanings were to collide on a street corner in Williamsburg. As we walked off our French toast, passing a row of apartments rendered in an architectural style redolent of Eastern Bloc, he looked perfectly dressed for Sunday activities in the city, which, en mi opinion, shouldn't include much more than a sit in the park or lazing about on the sofa, possibly sipping a Belgian brew.

When worn open over last night's t-shirt and paired with skinny black jeans, it's the perfect hangover outfit. It has great big pockets for digging into on cold days or for those moments when you really don't know what to do with your hands. $68 @ the Gap.
Photo credit: www.gap.com

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