Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hat Trick

About a week ago, I was crossing the street and made eye contact with a guy on the other side who looked vaguely familiar. He was looking right back like he knew me too, so I scrutinized him more closely and decided that he bore a striking resemblance to my friend Broke-Ass Stuart. I continued on without pause, however, busily chatting on my phone because a) Stuart lives in San Francisco and b) I've only ever seen him wearing a hat and this fellow wore none.

It was only after he messaged me to tell me that he thought he saw me that I remembered he was supposed to be in New York this summer to work on an upcoming book, Broke-Ass Stuart's Guide to Living Cheaply in New York. And when accustomed to seeing someone with a distinctive accessory, it becomes well nigh impossible to picture them without it. So cheers to boys who have a signature style. It's refreshing in a sea of sameness, and since menswear offers a lot less options than womenswear, it's nice to see a guy put a little bit of effort into it. A unique hat is a great way to distinguish yourself from the pack without trying too hard. Here's a nice one from Apexmuseum. Datatech herringbone cap available @ Chocosho, $44.
Fashion is for people who have no style. - Broke-Ass Stuart

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