Thursday, November 15, 2007

Adding a Bit of Sparkle to a Dreary Day

So my sample sale plans were torn asunder by this rainstorm. I like the rain sometimes, but not when it falls on my day off and there's a lot of cross-town trekking to do and deals to be had. I briefly contemplated going anyway, since only the most desperate of fashionistas would be game enough to brave the downpour, leaving open the possibility of walking out with the spoils. If it calms down a bit, I'll be off.

There's little left to do but cozy up with a cup of tea, watch all my taped episodes of Absolutely Fabulous (DVR was made for rainy days), and catch up on reading (I've been trying to finish Orhan Pamuk's The Black Book for ages now). I'll blog a bit to chase away any rainy day blues you may be experiencing. Retail therapy is such a great fix. Here's some eye candy.

Lotta Stensson's French Knot Mod Dress (more like tunic) was $180, now $108 @ DJ Premium.

I recently bought this pair of fabric-wrapped Missoni heels. The pictures don't do them justice at all -- they're absolutely beautiful and delightfully sparkly in person. They're knotted in the front and kind of have an iridescent sheen to them that makes them appear to be different colors in different angles and lighting. They were a bit of a splurge and it took me a month of opening and closing the box to sneak peeks at them to decide whether I wanted to return them or not, but I'm now conviced we were meant to be. I spent a couple of hours on a ladder with them while working on a display project at work yesterday, and they didn't hurt one bit. Me likey.

Was $595, now $417 @ DJ Premium. So I did save almost $200 . . .

Brown suede cone heel.
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  1. three letters: OMG. can't wait to see the shoeses. what were you doing on a ladder in heels? be careful!

  2. delish! I completely believe that they're even more gorgeous in real life.