Tuesday, November 6, 2007

For the Tabletops

I have a collection of coffee table books that borders on the ridiculous. I'll never find a coffee table big enough to hold all of them, so they remain crammed into a bookshelf in a corner of my room, where no one can sit and turn their pretty pages. South Willard has a great selection of unique, interesting titles with intriguing subject matter. It's not like I need any more but who can resist some of these made-for-sharing tomes?

A collection of portraits by Bernhard Fuchs, $54. Not sure if you are familiar, but he also did a great landscape series of photographs with beat-up, 70's era, European cars and vans. This one features portraits of ordinary folk from his hometown of Mühlviertel, Austria.

Euan MacDonald's everythinghappensatonce is a collection of the artist's works, influenced by the time he spent living in Scotland, Canada, and Los Angeles. $25.

Peter Vetsch is an innovative architect who champions the idea of the earthhouse, a home designed with the environment in mind, from both an eco-conscious and stylistic perspective. Earth and Cave Architecture celebrates his visually arresting, awe-inspiring spaces. $49.95.
Photo credit: www.southwillard.com

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