Tuesday, November 6, 2007

On the Marq

I recently discovered Marqsmen, a mens accessories shop based in Bellevue, Washington. Their web offerings include an impressive selection of high end ties, wallets, eyewear, grooming products, and home items from the likes of Burberry, Jack Spade, Billy Kirk, and Bing Bang (which, wholly unbeknownst to me, started doing a men's jewelry line recently). Here are a few treasures I found.

I love this rugged, vintage-Western iPod case by Billy Kirk. $75. It's made by a duo of third-generation leather worker brothers and looks like it'll age really well.

Bing Bang's handcuff key cufflinks, $161.
Seattle-based Sugarcrane's hand-crafted Italian leather belts come in three buckle styles. My favorite is the intricately carved Medici. It's sort of modern Baroque, and the embossed crane logo is a nice touch. $113.
Photo credit: www.marqsmen.com

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