Thursday, November 1, 2007

Shoe Sale

So yesterday was Halloween. I was alarmed to hear the chirpy voices of trick-or-treating young'ns in the hallways of my building because I'd forgotten to buy candy and the sound of their excited little voices and the thought of having to open the door, empty-handed, to the cute little costumed persons sent me into a tizzy so I quickly turned off all the lights, ran into my room, and shut the door. Luckily, they didn't come knocking (I think maybe we were supposed to put up a sign to let them know if we were participating). My roommate wasn't home at the time but later told me about a dream she'd had where I'd accidentally given the trick-or-treaters condoms instead of candy (long story involving a bag full of leftover contents of the piñata from my bday, which included assorted candies as well as a variety of prophylactics, and still remains in one of our cabinets. She dreamt that in my excitement, I proffered the bag to the youngsters, completely forgetting, as I am apt to do, that the condoms were in there). But it didn't happen, so no angry parents beating down my door. I'll have candy next year.

I still love candy, but I love shoes more. I'd love it if I could trick-or-treat at the houses of rich women, and they'd give me their designer cast-offs. I'd collect boxes of sky-high Louboutins, vintage Courreges boots, jewel-toned Lanvin flats, quirky Miu Miu treasures, feats of architecture from Bruno Frisoni, and works of wearable art by Roger Vivier (once dubbed "the Fragonard of the shoe"). The next best thing? Shopbop has new markdowns. My best shoe finds:

I'm not so into Juicy Couture, so I was shocked to find that they made these great flats. , Juicy Couture Footwear April Ankle Wrap Flat with Heart Charm, available in natural, black, and navy (shown). Now $175 @ Shopbop.

Belle by Sigerson Morrison red suede knot flats, $182 @ Shopbop.
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